How One Idea Can Change Your Life

Are you looking for Change?

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Then look no further! Master motivational speaker Les Brown says, “One Idea Can Change Your Life!” And who doesn’t have ideas! We all do. Every day you probably hear people share all kinds of ideas. You probably even come up with hundreds of them yourself. With all the ideas that people generate daily, we can certainly can make the world a better place. But we all know that most of us don’t turn dreams into reality. Why not? Maybe you don’t realize just how one idea change your life?

For starters, stop downplaying your (and other people’s) ideas. Many people could have changed the world already if they hadn’t labeled their ideas as wild, stupid, crazy, foolish, nonsense, etc. Instead, treat each idea as a brilliant, wealthy, life-changing potential reality. Then you will begin to see the gems of possibilities within each idea.

Here are 7 Ways One Idea Can Change Your Life:

    1. One Idea Can Make You Rich – That’s what took Les Brown from the lowly beginnings in Miami to multi-millionaire and the world’s leading motivational speaker.
    2. One Idea Can Open Locked Doors – That’s what happens when we don’t rely solely on our own strength but actually seek God for wisdom and direction. (See James 1:5Revelation 3:8)
    3. One Idea Can Help You Live Longer – That’s what lead John Rowley to create the F4X Youth-Enhancing Body Shaping System for Men and Women.
    4. One Idea Can Save a Marriage – That’s what lead Dr. Lee Baucom, Ph.D. to write a bestselling book on the same subject which is truly saving many marriages.

  1. One Idea Can Prevent Bloodshed – That’s what an ordinary woman named Abigail was able to do when the warrior King David wanted to take matters into his own hands. (See 1 Samuel 25)
  2. One Idea Can Get Your Promoted – That’s what happened to Joseph and Daniel, who began as slaves and foreigners in Egypt and Babylon. All that changed in a moment and they were promoted to top positions in the country. (See Genesis 39-41Daniel 1-25)
  3. One Idea Can Change the World – That’s exactly what the late visionary leader Steve Jobs did.

And so can you. Since this is how one idea can change your life, please don’t sit on your life-changing ideas. Let the world benefit from your great ideas. What are you going to do now?

What One Idea do you have that can change your life today?”

Action Steps:

  1. Write out 3-7 potential ideas that, if they became reality, would dramatically change your life or the world.
  2. Select just one of those ideas you wrote that you will like to explore in the coming weeks or months.



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