How to Set and Achieve Any Goal

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Everyone is Setting Goals This Time of Year But Will Everyone Achieve Them?

Whatever your goals and resolutions are as we step into a new year, make sure you have a plan to reach them. How is your health, wealth, and happiness on a scale of 1 to 10? Do you know that how you set and achieve BIG goals that will positively impact these three critical life factors? This post shows you how to do just that.

“Your Goals Determine Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness!”

If you don’t have goals, chances are your life is scattered and unfocused. If you have goals, you’re getting somewhere but may still not be experiencing the kind of health, wealth, and happiness that you so deserve.

Why? Three Reasons:

  1. It’s not enough to have goals! Sometimes we set too many goals and are drawn in many directions. Sometimes we set goals just because… Sometimes our goals cause more frustration than inspiration. This must change. You must set fewer goals and instead only set goals that are important and motivating. You must control your goals instead of your goals controlling you.
  2. You’re not systematically setting goals with a proven plan. Goal setting should be like farming. You plow. You plant. You water. You weed. You reap. You do it again and again. It works again and again. Your goals should produce consistent results if you tackle them strategically.
  3. You haven’t taken full responsibility to achieve your goals. “Many never attain to the position which they might occupy, because they wait for God to do for them that which He has given them power to do for themselves.” (CC 370.4)

Here’s The Secret to Winning Big– Real Big!

If you’re ready to change all this and learn how to set and achieve any goal (in record time too), then you have to decide to STOP doing what’s not working. Then choose to START doing what works and have proven to work consistently over time. This alone will give you results before closing this quarter or the next. It will boost your confidence and faith in what is possible and achievable.

Gary Ryan Blair, otherwise known as The Goals Guy, also recommends enforcing greater accountability, which serves and protects your character, credibility, and commitments. It ensures that what you want to accomplish gets accomplished. It is part of his radical approach to goal setting and performance enhancement that truly is simply and has proven to work for over 421,000 people!

His success and achievement program is called the 100 Day Challenge and by acting fast, you can snag his Special Report Manifesto and Free video series that over-delivers in a big way. In my opinion, the report itself is worth its weight as it shows you how to create radical results — fast!

OK. You may want to get some proven steps right here, in the heart of this blog post. You came here to find out exactly How to Set and Achieve Any Goal. Well, here goes my:

Set and Achieve a Goal - 100 Day Challenge

7 Steps to Achieve Any Goal

1. Get alone with God and ask Him for ONE (1) Big Goal. Not many goals, but One (1) all-consuming passion – One (1) thing that you will live and die for. Let this be your life calling. Everything revolves around this life mission. Then, decide exactly what you want in each area of your life.
Consider these questions: Be brutally honest with yourself when answering.

  1. What one thing would you triple dare to do if you knew you absolutely could not fail?
  2. If money was of no concern or you had $100 Million how would you live? What would you do or not do?
  3. If you only had only 7 months to live, what would you do?
  4. If God should really appear to you in person to grant you one desire, what would you request?
  5. If God promised to grant you any 3 desires, what would you ask Him?
    2. Write out specifically what you want to accomplish in the next 100 days or 1 year. Don’t generalize nor use vague terms. Be honest with yourself. If you’re not going to do it or it’s not really what you want, then don’t set it as a goal.
    3. Divide your goal(s) into monthly objectives. What do you want to achieve this month? Is it part of your yearly goal and does it contribute to your main life goal?
    4. Based on your monthly objectives, make your weekly tasks list. Within the next 7 days, what can you do that will move you closer to completing your monthly objectives?
    5. Now write your daily “to-do” list. Only focus on key activities. Do the high priority tasks first. List specifically what you need to accomplish daily and begin in order. You should have no more than 7 items on your daily list of important things to do. Five (5) is ideal and 3 big tasks should always be completed before the day ends.
    6. Set time frames or deadlines to accomplish your tasks and goals. Review your goals daily. Put them in a prominent place at your home and at the office where you can see them. Assess your progress regularly. Re-evaluate and adjust accordingly.
    7. Just do it! Deal with procrastination head-on. Don’t give in, give up, or give way. Press on to the prize. It’s worth it! Keep at it until you achieve it. Die if you must, but move forward toward your dream(s). There is no better time to get it done than now. Do it now and you’ll be that much closer to finishing your Big Goal.

Overachievers Rejoice!

You’re going to love this! Our 7 steps to set and achieve any goal just scratches the surface of the strategic secrets involved in goal setting and achievement. Gary Ryan Blair is opening up his recognized and coveted program in a few days. They don’t call him the Goals Guy for nothing.

If you want to achieve massive success and results in the next few months, then take the 100 Day Challenge and achieve any goal you desire! This program pulls no punches on what it takes to achieve massive success, in the most important areas of life, and in the shortest time possible. The record speaks for itself:


It’s time to move beyond simply SMART goals that are still not getting you the kind of results you’re longing for. All that is about to change for you. In fact, 100 Days from now, you’ll be glad you got started today. Take the challenge and rewrite the next quarter. Click here to get your hands on a great video series along with a free special manifesto report that talks straight and over-delivers in a big way. All the best to you.

Now go out there to boldly set and achieve any goal.

You Have Been Challenged - 100 Day Challenge