How Membership Sites Can Earn You Recurring Revenue

Have you noticed lately more and more businesses are shifting their model to incorporate recurring revenue? No matter which business you’re in, you need consistent revenue to be sustainable.

For individuals, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sorts, especially if you’re selling online, your best option for long term business success is perhaps to earn recurring revenue using Membership Sites.

In this episode of The MonetizeU Show, Chance and Gail explains what is a membership site, how to create membership sites, and what tools you need to be successful.


Resources to Build Membership Sites

  • OptimizePress: Create membership portals, blogs, special pages, etc.
  • WP Profit Builder: Build Membership pages, sales pages, landing pages, webinar pages, etc.
  • Everlesson: All-inclusive system with membership platform, easyclick page builder, advanced monetization And gamification modules, etc.
  • Invanto: Create schools, courses, and any combination of memberships easily and stress free.
  • InstaBuilder: All-in-one Plugin that lets you create high-converting, profit-pulling pages in just minutes using state-of-the-art, Drag-and-drop Technology!
  • PayPal: Payment processor.
  • SquareUp: Payment processor.
  • Stripe: Payment processor.
  • Calendly: Helps you schedule meetings without email headache.
  • Zaxaa: Easily Publish Your Offers (courses, books, coaching, services, etc.) In 2 Minutes. Set your price (one-time, recurring, free and paid trials, installments).
  • Zippy Courses: An all-in-one tool for teaching and selling online course.
  • Teachable: Create and sell various online courses with different pricing strategies (including recurring).
  • Kajabi: Great solution for membership sites and courses.
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