Why You Should Package Your Knowledge Into High-end Programs

After I wrote and published my latest  #1 bestselling book, Monetize Your Skillspretty much everything changed for me.
There were/are the podcast and livestream interviews (like Entrepreprenuer on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Mind For LifeVeteran’s Leadership, The MonetizeU Show, etc.), speaking engagements, training biz and lay leaders (local, national, and international), and pure satisfaction that I’m making a difference and sharing my message and vision.
The game-changer that’s helping to sustain my mission, message, and cause is that I began inviting clients into high-end packages for my skills (education, expertise, and experiences) in the form of services like coaching, consulting, and publishing.
AND it can be the same for you my friend!

Would you like to finally discover how to package, price, and sell your own skills and services so that they are IRRESISTIBLE to the very people you are meant to serve?

You see, pricing your programs and services too low is one of the COSTLIEST mistakes you can make as a business owner or someone wanting a side hustle.

It’s not doubt that offering high-end programs or services can be a complete game-changer for you too …

Just to be sure you won’t make the same pricing with your biz, I think it makes sense to learn how to do it right.

Some have not been able to grasp it from the prophet’s own mouth 🙂
But because I believe in the message so much, I’ll let you get it from another prophet’s mouth and mind.

Grab a copy of this new free eBook guide to packaging and pricing your services.

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My colleague, Bill Baren, is a MASTER at helping his clients create deeply transformational, truly irresistible, high-end programs, that can add $50K to $150K or more to your income next year.

This is by far the best introduction to creating a high-end programs that I’ve seen (seriously). This gets my highest recommendation!

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AFTER you’ve sifted through that, I’m sure the next logical question will be, “Chance, how (and where) EXACTLY do I find the best and the highest-paying clients for my unique kind of skill, education, expertise, and experiences?”

First, download the High End Manifesto eBook above, then click here to download this free report to that solves the mystery of where to REALLY find high paying clients.