Permission to Succeed

You Have Been Challenged - 100 Day ChallengeCan I please be myself?

Do I Need Permission to Succeed?

These are the questions many adults ask themselves. Have you been asking yourself for permission to succeed? We’ve been so used to parents, friends, and bosses telling us what to do that we even want them to grant us permission to succeed!

If you keep all your dreams dormant inside you, the most tragic thing will happen. You’ll join the 93% of adults who watch their lives pass by and wonder, “Why have I settled for such a mediocre life?” Add the pressures of midlife crisis and you’re almost certain to live out the rest of your days only wishing for what you could have been, done, and have.

I’ve come to realize that the BIGGEST trouble with midlife crisis is that many people suddenly wake up, shocked by the fact that they’re behind on their real dreams, working at a job which brings no joy, for a boss or company they dislike, for wages that keep them just short of broke, and wish they could be doing something else. Then they begin to despise themselves for getting to this point but feel insecure or afraid to do anything about it. After all, they reason, “I have a family to take care of, the mortgage and car note to pay for, and the economy is in a downturn.” Then they silently convince themselves that they’re not too bad compared to so and so, and push their kids to become and do all the things they never did.


Just Be Yourself.

Why Do You Always Seek Their Approval? What a tragedy! The worse thing that will happen to you if you fail to succeed at your TRUE passions in life is that you end up blaming people and situations for your present circumstances.

Wives blame their husbands. Husbands divorce their wives. Parents say, “If I didn’t have children….” Depression kicks in and everyone blames the government. This kind of attitude robs you of your power to change and to take charge of your life.

Follow your dreams and live out your passions. Stop making excuses. You are where you are today by the choices and decisions you’ve made. If you don’t like where you are, then simply decide and choose the new life you wanna live.

Answer these 10 Questions to get started. (Please be honest with yourself)

  1. Do I suffer from “Permission to Succeed Syndrome?”
    • I’m always wondering, “But what would _____ think about me?”
    • I’m always asking for everyone’s opinions before I take action.
    • I’m always thinking, “If I do ___ and ___ then ‘they’ will look at me differently.”
    • I need to have many people’s approval before I do or try something new.
    • I find it very difficult to express my greatest desires and goals to my peers.
  2. Why am I so afraid to succeed at higher levels?
  3. What would I do if I truly had life MY WAY?
  4. How would I live if I had ALL the money I needed?
  5. If I only had 7 months to live, what would I do? Who will I become? What will I stop doing?
  6. What do I enjoy MOST about my life? Least about my life?
  7. If I could change 1 or 2 things about my life, what would I change first/ second?
  8. How much do I really love my job, career, profession, or vocation)? (Scale of 1 to 10)
  9. What steps am I going to take NOW to TRULY begin living my dreams and life’s calling?
  10. If I only had 7 days to live, what would have been my life’s legacy?
100 Days from Now - 100 Day Challenge
I hope that helps to give you a good view of where you are. If you’re not living your dreams but waiting for permission to succeed, then here it is:
“I do grant you (insert your name) FULL rights and permission to be yourself, to succeed, and to reach your FULL potentials. You have full authorization to be, do, and have all that God has inspired you to be, do, and have. Now go live your dreams!”

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  • Tammy

    Reply Reply October 20, 2011

    I am a blogger and I actually want to start blogging, but I do wonder what people would think of me in the content that I want to film. I wonder if I would be received well by the general public. I think after reading this I will stop worrying about what people think and “do what I wanna do”. Thanks for this post!

  • Aminta

    Reply Reply November 1, 2011

    I agree with Tammy. We worry so much about what others think, but at some point in time one MUST start living their own life. Better now than never.

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