Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (Pt.2)

In episode #2 of The MonetizeU Show, Gail and Chance discussed the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online, (specifically dealing with the first three on the list): which include:

  1. Books
  2. Courses
  3. New Media
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Coaching/ Consulting
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Freelancing

Episode #3 aired on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA. In this show, the hosts share with you the last two on the lis of the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (pt. 2): Affiliate Marketing, and Freelancing. 


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  • Dan McAllister

    July 24, 2017

    Hey Chance,

    I’m following your work especially on Clickonomy where you are one of the best sellers (my opinion). I’m especially interested in Health & Wellness and Weight Loss niche. I would much appreciate if you would please have me on your lists for those niches. Don’t worry I’m a real person. I’m not gonna do anything
    bad 🙂

    Thanks in advance