Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (Pt.2)

In episode #2 of The MonetizeU Show, Gail and Chance discussed the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online, (specifically dealing with the first three on the list): which include:

  1. Books
  2. Courses
  3. New Media
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Coaching/ Consulting
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Freelancing

Episode #3 aired on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA. In this show, the hosts share with you the last two on the lis of the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (pt. 2): Affiliate Marketing, and Freelancing. 


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  • Dan McAllister

    Reply Reply July 24, 2017

    Hey Chance,

    I’m following your work especially on Clickonomy where you are one of the best sellers (my opinion). I’m especially interested in Health & Wellness and Weight Loss niche. I would much appreciate if you would please have me on your lists for those niches. Don’t worry I’m a real person. I’m not gonna do anything
    bad 🙂

    Thanks in advance

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