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Life Planning

Everyone needs help with Life Planning. Everyone! How about you? Do you need help on your journey to success? Do you need balance in your life? Keep reading. Life is like a board game. You have to make wise strategic moves to come out on the successful side of the game. As lions use strategy and…

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Permission to Succeed

Can I please be myself? Do I Need Permission to Succeed? These are the questions many adults ask themselves. Have you been asking yourself for permission to succeed? We’ve been so used to parents, friends, and bosses telling us what to do that we even want them to grant us permission to succeed! If you…

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How to Set and Achieve Any Goal

(Need an extra boost of motivation? Click the play button to watch this video now).    Everyone is Setting Goals This Time of Year But Will Everyone Achieve Them? Whatever your goals and resolutions are as we step into a new year, make sure you have a plan to reach them. How is your health, wealth,…

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Happy New Year!

May You Be Abundantly Blessed in 2018! Each year has it’s ups and downs. Wins and losses. Not matter how 2017 went for you, here’s your opportunity to reclaim your dreams and achieve your goals in this new year. I’ve hand-picked these tools below to help you do just that. They’re also discounted as holiday specials…

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Holiday Sale

Welcome to Our Online Holiday Sale Event! You deserve to have and give the best to yourself, your friends, and your family during this time of year. But don’t stress about what to buy, time is of the essence so we have done the hard work for you. We have assembled the best gifts on…

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12 Principles for Christmas Celebration

The holidays can bring mixed feelings and emotions for many people – depending on where you are and what circumstances you find yourself in. At this special time of year, you may even be experiencing uncertainty as to how to handle, celebrate, or relate to the Christmas holiday season. The stress of having your home…

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3 Six-Figure Skills EVERY Entrepreneur Needs to Learn ASAP!

Ask any random person what jobs or skills pay six figures and immediately you’ll hear: doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer —Something along those lines. BUT… Ask somone what six-figure skills are unique to online, that, the average Joe or Jane will not be able to tell you. And can you blame them? It’s not a subject…

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The Only 7 Online Skills That Consistently Make 6 Figures

Success Leaves Clues! Finally, The Closely Guarded Secrets Top Entrepreneurs Use to Consistently Make 6 Figures (and more) Are All Yours! Hey Chance here!   I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been kept in the dark for many years.   It wasn’t until I interviewed, surveyed, and studied this secret elite group of regular people,…

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Why You Should Package Your Knowledge Into High-end Programs

After I wrote and published my latest  #1 bestselling book, Monetize Your Skills, pretty much everything changed for me. There were/are the podcast and livestream interviews (like Entrepreprenuer on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Mind For Life, Veteran’s Leadership, The MonetizeU Show, etc.), speaking engagements, training biz and lay leaders (local, national, and international), and pure satisfaction that…

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3 Things That Absolutely Sabotage Success

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” — King Solomon Haven’t we all been to that place in our life’s journey where that one goal or that important thing we work so hard for or chase after, is the very thing we end up destroying, working against, or…

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Cyber Monday Specials (Sales. Discounts. Deals)

Get Your CYBER MONDAY DISCOUNTS NOW! Special Deals End Tonight @ 11:59 p.m. CST! Buy back your future now!

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Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday observed in the United States each year on November 11th to honor the valiant men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. According to the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” – officially…

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