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Strategies to succeed in life.


Life Planning

Everyone needs help with Life Planning. Everyone! How about you? Do you need help on your journey to success? Do you need balance in your life? Keep reading. Life is like a board game. You have to make wise strategic moves to come out on the successful side of the game. As lions use strategy and…

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Permission to Succeed

Can I please be myself? Do I Need Permission to Succeed? These are the questions many adults ask themselves. Have you been asking yourself for permission to succeed? We’ve been so used to parents, friends, and bosses telling us what to do that we even want them to grant us permission to succeed! If you…

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How to Set and Achieve Any Goal

(Need an extra boost of motivation? Click the play button to watch this video now).    Everyone is Setting Goals This Time of Year But Will Everyone Achieve Them? Whatever your goals and resolutions are as we step into a new year, make sure you have a plan to reach them. How is your health, wealth,…

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The Only 7 Online Skills That Consistently Make 6 Figures

Success Leaves Clues! Finally, The Closely Guarded Secrets Top Entrepreneurs Use to Consistently Make 6 Figures (and more) Are All Yours! Hey Chance here!   I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve been kept in the dark for many years.   It wasn’t until I interviewed, surveyed, and studied this secret elite group of regular people,…

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Why You Should Package Your Knowledge Into High-end Programs

After I wrote and published my latest  #1 bestselling book, Monetize Your Skills, pretty much everything changed for me. There were/are the podcast and livestream interviews (like Entrepreprenuer on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Mind For Life, Veteran’s Leadership, The MonetizeU Show, etc.), speaking engagements, training biz and lay leaders (local, national, and international), and pure satisfaction that…

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3 Things That Absolutely Sabotage Success

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” — King Solomon Haven’t we all been to that place in our life’s journey where that one goal or that important thing we work so hard for or chase after, is the very thing we end up destroying, working against, or…

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Wanting Results Without Investment

“Results Without Investment Is A Joke!” — Chance That was the jist of this recent post I made on Facebook. Here it is in its entirety: This idealogy is prelevant in every facet of society today. Students have it. Adults have it. Professionals have it. Ministry leaders have it. But it’s especially a disturbing mindset…

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How to Discover Your Creative Entrepreneur

The Monetizeu Show Episode 15 In this episode with Gail and Chance, they interview Lisa Robbin Young, Creative Entrepreneur and CEO of Ark Entertainment Media. She gave great strategic insights to discover your creative entrepreneur. Show Notes From Creative Entrepreneur Episode: Connect with The MonetizeU Show at Connect with Lisa Robin Young at…

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The Gift of eCommerce As A Profitable Online Business Model

eCommerce is a Gift that’s here to Stay!  It’s been a long 2 weeks out of the country but I’m now back in the US! I have a lot to share about that trip and will fill you in later. For today though… I’ve got an AMAZING gift for you! The leaders in Ghana gave…

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How to Change the World Through Entrepreneurship

Do you believe you can change the world? I do! You are destined for greatnesss! Therefore, not only can you change your world, but also other people’s world. I’ve traveled now to over 26 countries including Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Liberia, Suriname, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana — impacting thousands of lives in…

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How to Make and Sell a Product in 15 Minutes!

Welcome to episode #12 of The MonetizeU Show with Gail and Chance. Today’s featured expert guest is Bruce Jones – The Book Guy. He’s sharing how to make and sell a product in 15 minutes or less. This is a must-watch show so click on the play button below and be prepared for some practical nuggets.  …

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Why Change Is Tough and What to Do About It

It’s The One Thing We All Want To Do But Resist At the Same Time Change is a necessity of life and should be as natural as breathing in and out. Yet change is not always readily embraced and can be downright difficult to accomplish. Perhaps the most daunting thing to reconcile within the human…

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