ATTN: Here's a Special Message for Every Person of Faith Who Needs to Plan and Prepare for Pandemics...

...but just can't seem to find the right information to get started.​

How Prepared Are You For These Impending Crises?


Hi, my name is RL Chance, US Navy Veteran, #1 International Bestselling Author, Minister, and Founder of Strategic Secrets.


If you want to protect yourself and your family from what's coming, then pay very close attention to these survival secrets!​


The wise King Solomon said, "The prudent [wise] see danger [peril, evil] and take refuge [plan, prepare, hides], but the simple [gullible, foolish] keep going and pay the penalty" [are punished, suffer the consequences] (see Proverbs 22:3; 27:12).


How wise are you?


Many people of faith sometimes suffer unnecessarily because they think that praying alone for God to see them through a crisis is all that it takes. ... When in reality, some people clearly ignore His help and revelation on this matter. That is like asking God to protect you from the rain when He already gave you an umbrella.​


... But nothing could be further from the truth.​


So if you truly want to plan and prepare for impending crises... then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.​

I'd like to introduce you to The "Pandemic Survival System"​

... The exact blueprint that shows you how to plan and prepare for pandemics, pestilences, plagues, and perils!​

You won't need to be galloping for hours on end like those who have no divine wisdom, trying to escape the inevitable...


... And avoid the frantic rush and long lines at the stores trying to stockpile at the last minute.​


That's because the Pandemic Survival System makes it simple for you to "watch and be ready" at all times. Plus reap the following blessings:​


  • Blessing #1

    Enjoy peace and safety, not only in the midst of any crisis, but be uniquely positioned by God to also help others who failed to plan and prepare like you.​

  • Blessing #2

    Save your family (and maybe other families too) when you plan and prepare BEFORE the peril hits (just like Noah who prepared the ark BEFORE the floods came and thus saved his family).​

  • Blessing #3

    Set an example of being ready, staying ready, and you'll be blessed to be a blessing in the times of trouble instead of becoming a burden or a liability to others.​

  • Blessing #4

    Experience God's protection and provision just like the Israelites during the plagues of Egypt (they obeyed God's  instructions and were saved).​ ... And much, MUCH more!​

And what makes this even better?​​

Now you never have to worry about the fact that you don't see other believers getting ready again (as that makes you get complacent too and ill-prepared for the coming crisis)!​​"

Louise Cantrell


And best of all... you'll start seeing results with the "Pandemic Survival System" in less than a week and it costs way less than $1.99 a day.​

... Which also means you're not stuck feeling hopeless because you didn't plan well when God has given His Word on how to prepare. That's a lack of faith and may lead to fear and presumption... leaving you in a state of panic - scrambling and hoarding like the rest of the world.​


So again, if you're a person of faith who wants to plan and prepare for impending crises, understand this:


The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get ready. Or worse, you'll miss key opportunities to do what was convenient in times of relative ease and safety.​


There has never been a better time than right now to show your faith in preparing for the great time of trouble; physically, spiritually, financially, and socially... and be used by God for such a time as this... and what shall be in the near future.​


Get Started Now!


Module 1

Practical Planning For Times of Trouble

  • Exactly how to plan and prepare for crises
  • How to boost your immunity
  • Crucial qualities needed in crisis times
  • List of Must-have Emergency Items

Module 2

How to Succeed in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

  • How to maximize your time and impact during a crisis
  • How to protect your mental and emotional wellbeing during hard times
  • How to set yourself up to WIN BIG at the end of any crisis

Module 3

7 Skills to Develop While on Lockdown or Quarantine

  • Essential skills to master right now
  • How to pivot like a pro for the "New Normal" or New Future
  • How to spot trends and save your family from unnecessary dangers


Training Modules

4 Hrs

Video Lessons


Key Assignments


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Meet The Trainer

RL Chance
US Navy Veteran, Minister, Speaker


Author of 12 books, including; Prayers That Move Heaven, Monetize Your Skills, Strategic Secrets, The Certainty of God's Promises and Win Now!

  • Published 5 other online courses.

  • Traveled to 26+ countries on 6 continents.

  • Former humanitarian aid responder to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, disease outbreaks, and food shortages.

  • Helps professionals make a lasting impact with their skills and talents.

  • Enjoys time with wife and son in Texas.

Aren't you tired of being caught off guard?Joseph knew the famine was coming upon Egypt so he followed God's divine plan and prepared for seven years. And so can you my friend.


With whatever time you still have, do it now! Get the "Pandemic Survival System" today. It holds the keys to protecting yourself and family and succeeding with practical survival secrets.​


Finally, you can truly get ready, be ready, and stay ready for any pestilence, plague, or peril.​ Order now!

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