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Implementation Strategist  |  U.S. Navy Veteran  |  Bestselling Author

Eight-time #1 Bestselling Author® of 10 books, speaker, minister, and implementation strategist. I help professionals, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, managers, educators, and veterans to monetize their skills so they can make a lasting impact, fund their dreams, and sustain their God-given mission, message, or cause.


My musings here are primarily strategic insights on true success, significance, and greatness as they relate to life, business, career, and ministry.


I'm on a mission to educate, equip, and empower you with Strategic Secrets — master keys to succeed in life, business, or ministryIf that's your goal too, then let me show you how to skillfully utilize effective knowledge, plans, methods, ideas, and resources to create life-changing products, programs, and services online.


Some of the media outlets where I've been featured are Entrepreneur on Fire, ABC, Fox, MSN, Ideas to Life Podcast, 3ABN, Amazing Facts TV, The Wellness RevolutionThe Veteran Leadership BlogThe Wisdom Is Freedom Show, Mashable, Leadership Talk, and Mind For Life.


I Write From My Experiences & World Travels to Over 26 Countries

"It is really all about Freedom to be yourself and in the process, to be of Service to other people--it is a vision of making a difference in the world."


One of the things I like most about this book - and one of its main strengths - is the amount of references it has. You can feel, clearly, that everything in the book has been well-researched.

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"Truly educational and revealing... Your work is so inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for these powerful and indispensable insights."


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Our Goal is Simple --- to provide Relevant Expertise to professionals, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and life-long learners so that you can succeed, make a lasting impact, fund your dreams, achieve greatness in your personal and professional life, and sustain your mission, message, or cause. Choose from our growing catalog of Practical Results-Driven Courses with video lessons and strategic secrets. Enroll now!


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    a simple, easy to implement 7-Step Framework that teaches you how to turn your education, expertise, and experiences into a six-figure online business or side income. 

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    How to write, edit and publish a book in 7 weeks or less so you can turn your knowledge and experience into a platform to help others. 


US Navy veteran, eight-time #1 Bestselling Author® of 11 books, speaker, minister, and implementation strategist. He helps professionals, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, ministry leaders, managers, educators, and veterans to monetize their skills so they can make a lasting impact and sustain their mission, message, or cause. Let him help you take your life, business, or ministry to the next level.

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