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How to Build A Constant Stream of Customers Through Networking

In this episode (#11) of The MonetizeU Show with Gail and Chance, guest presenter, Michael Wilson, MBA, Certified John Maxwell Coach and COO of the CM Institute of Leadership, shares how to build a constant stream of customers through networking. Click on the play button now to learn the about the law of reciprocity, secrets of networking…

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Labor Day Sale!

Welcome to Our Online Labor Day Sales Event! Happy Labor Day! Today is the first Monday in September, and here in the US, its a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. We acknowledge and celebrate this annual national holiday as a tribute to the contributions our hard-working citizens have made…

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The MonetizeU Show Recap (first 10 episodes)

When Gail Turner Brown (GTB) and I started The MonetizeU Show back in June, it was just a “nice idea.” Now it’s proving to be a great idea. In this broadcast, we took a trip down memory lane and reviewed the last 10 episodes and gave some insights into what’s coming ahead as we prepare to closeout…

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Online Proft Secrets (Erika Nino’s new book)

Grab your copy now of Online Profit Secrets Amazon.comat or at Erika’s website, Erika Nino also recently appeared on The MonetizeU Show Podcast,  sharing her publishing journey and secrets to making money online.     Resources Mentioned on this episode of The MonetizeU Show:        

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How to Get Known Fast Using Video and Podcast


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How Membership Sites Can Earn You Recurring Revenue

Have you noticed lately more and more businesses are shifting their model to incorporate recurring revenue? No matter which business you’re in, you need consistent revenue to be sustainable. For individuals, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sorts, especially if you’re selling online, your best option for long term business success is…

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How to Find Success and Happiness Right Between Your Eyes!

3 pounds and 6 inches. A weight less than a half-gallon of milk and a length the size of a dollar bill.  It seems simplistic to sum up the totality of a human brain based upon weight and size, but regardless of how we choose to define it, the biggest key to success and happiness…

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Mind For Life Podcast – Chance Interview on Monetize Your Skills

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS I recently had this awesome interview with Jeff Bogaczyk who writes and produces a podcast on personal development called, Mind For Life. He keenly studies the link between our thoughts and actions and shares his findings online. Mind for Life podcast/blog is based on the idea that how…

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Is Your Business Making You Sick? (MonetizeU Show)

Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health! In this episode of The MonetizeU Show, guest expert Dr. Dona Coooper-Dockery, physician, #1 bestselling author, and philantropist tackles the topic, “Is Your Business Making You Sick?” For small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs of all sorts, balancing life, health, and business can be challenging and is often, in many…

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How to Speak With Confidence On Camera (MonetizeU Show)

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn Some say the greatest fear people have is the fear of public speaking. Similarly, many are timid about appearing on camera. In today’s face paced, media-rich world, if you’re a professional, author, speaker, coach, or anyone with a…

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Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (Pt.2)

In episode #2 of The MonetizeU Show, Gail and Chance discussed the Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online, (specifically dealing with the first three on the list): which include: Books Courses New Media Ecommerce Coaching/ Consulting Affiliate Marketing Freelancing Episode #3 aired on July 4th, Independence Day in the USA. In this show, the hosts…

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July 4th Independence Day Sale

Happy Independence Day! Choose Your Size Small $19.95 USDMedium $19.95 USDLarge $19.95 USDX-Large $19.95 USDXXL $21.95 USD Choose Your Size Small $19.95 USDMedium $19.95 USDLarge $19.95 USDX-Large $19.95 USDXXL $21.95 USD Choose Your Size Small $19.95 USDMedium $19.95 USDLarge $19.95 USDX-Large $19.95 USDXXL $21.95 USD We hope you enjoy shopping today at our July 4th…

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